Black Moustache Through The Dark

So today it’s their fourth anniversary since they were put as band…
I just wanted to say that I’m very, very proud of them! they have done so much in 4 years, its just mind blowing how these boys went so famous starting in just a music competition, how many fans around the world they have, how many sold out shows they have made…
But mostly important is their friendship, before they were just 5 boys going to competiton as solists and now they’re best friends (or brothers) touring around the world in bigass stadiums with thousands of fans.
I’ve never met them, i’ve never had all their stuff, albums or merch, they never follow me back, answer my tweets, rt or fav  I just have a phone and a laptop to support them wherever they go, and that’s what i’ll do till the end.
Okay so i’m going to stop cause I don’t know what to say and I’m getting quite emotional. Lol
I’ll never regret the day i clicked the link three years ago.
Happy anniversary guys!!!! <3

One band, four years.